Kooperation Štěpánka Bláhovcová - Norbert Bauer
Štěpánka Bláhovcová

Es gefällt mir, nur so für mich
hin zu schreiben.

Es gefällt mir, nur so für mich hin zu schreiben.
Ich würde gerne auch
am Meeresufer liegen
und mich von einer auf die andere Seite wälzen.
Niemand kann mich bewegen – so schwer bin ich.
Es genügt mir allein das,
was der Wind vorbeiträgt.
Mohammed kam zum Berg und das lohnt sich.
Böhmen liegt am Meer. Der Walfisch freut sich
darauf, sich im lockeren Sand der deutschen
Strände zu wälzen, so wie wir uns gerne wälzen,
und wer weiß, vielleicht hinterlässt er in diesem
Land eine Spur.
Štěpánka Bláhovcová

Líbí se mi, jen tak si psát.
Chtěla bych taky

ležet na břehu moře
a převalovat se ze strany na stranu.
Nikdo se mnou nepohne – tak jsem těžká.
Stačí mi jen to
co kolem nosí vítr.
Mohamed přišel k hoře a stojí to za to.
Čechy leží u moře. Velryba se těší, až se
bude válet po sypkém písku Německy´ch
pláží, tak jak se rádi válíme, a kdo ví, třeba
po sobě v té zemi něco zanechá.
27. 10. / Dear Stepanka, thanks for your letter. … I like your ideas, especially the „teecorner“ with the bookshell.

7. 12. / Hi! … Thank you a lot for Uli‘s website … I have to think about this Bremen exhibition – what kind of
cooperation or what to exhibit. Kind of mystification project sounds good. …. Have a nice time resting (!) and kisses
and a lot of rest for Angi as well! Stepanka

14. 1. / Dear Stepanka,… So please tell me if you allready developed any new or more concrete ideas or whatever is
on your mind. … The posters and the prints on chocolate paper ;–) … i still think it would be great to show some of
these things.

14. 1. / Hi! Thanks for e–mail! I am fine, life goes well … somehow it is again a COMMUNICATION and now also
a MOVEMENT … my biggest memory from your visit in Pilsen and my visit in Bremen is VISITING ATELIERS
– – in many cases homes of all those people – it means visiting a very PRIVATE AREA…

24. 3. / Hi Norbert, … You know what? I think that in the end I want to exhibit only my sperm installation… white
czech whale on the shore of german sea… (do you have sand or pebbels in the gemany on the shore?)

25. 3. / Hi Stepanka, … We have sand on some popular parts of the North see shore … personally would still like to
see also some of your drawings or other works here. No matter … if they are „older“. … Angi got your mail. Many

20.4. / hi norbert, this is my picture for the catalogue =) – i realized i havent show it to you yet… we were talking
also about the cooperation text – that all the cooperations will be written by those who cooperates. and that they just
have to combiene who will write it. i was thinking just put some of our e-mail conversations to the catalogue – what
do you think? … Take care, and kisses to Angi as well (i hope she doesn‘t have a terrible work with the catalogue…)

20.4./ Great Picture!!!! Brilliant! … The E-mail Idea is surely fine, it is really strange, i was thinking about exactly
the same thing too this evening...
Štěpánka Bláhovcová, Wal, 2007 - 2009, Textilien, Sand, 1,7 m x 12 m

Štěpánka Bláhovcová, Velryba, 2007 - 2009, textilie, písek, 1,7 m x 12 m